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Functional Mobility Class @ The Pad

  • The Pad 888 Ricardo Ct San Luis Obispo, CA 93401 (map)

Learn strategies designed to prepare your body to do whatever you want it to do for you - including climb faster, stronger, better! This isn't your average mobility workshop. 

Most people associate mobility with stretching, lacrosse balls and foam rollers. This class will utilize none of those things. Dr. Alexandra Andersson of ALTA Health + Performance will walk you through a movement enhancement system that utilizes tension created by your own body to develop maximum body control, flexibility and usable ranges of motion. She will be show you how you can begin to monitor your own body for dysfunction that may be causing pain, loss of performance or putting you at an increased chance of injury. And she'll also be teaching you what to do about it! 

If you're ready to smash PR's and teach your body how to safely go harder, stronger, faster, smarter, you won't want to miss this class! 

Please note: you must either be a member at The Pad or purchase a day pass to attend. We hope to see you there!