y0ur First visit

If you’ve visited a chiropractor before, your experience at ALTA Health + Performance might be a little different. While we integrate the traditional chiropractic techniques as appropriate, we put a heavy emphasis on exploring, learning and reinforcing different movement patterns.

Why movement? Because pain is often the last thing to show up and the first thing to go away. Lack of pain does not mean lack of movement dysfunction.

Generally, aches, pains and repetitive use injuries are the end result of an underlying faulty movement pattern. Therefore, in order to achieve long-term resolution of your symptoms, you must address the dysfunctional movement mechanics. And in order to continue to perform at your peak athletic ability, you must proactively practice proper movement.

Our patients come to us because they know our objective is to get them back out into the world stronger, smarter, faster and better than before. We educate you every step of the way so that you gain the confidence and tools needed to put yourself back in the driver seat of your own health and wellbeing. And so you can have that added athletic edge on the track, field, trail and beyond.

The first visit lasts approximately 60 minutes. If possible, we suggest that you wear comfortable, athletic clothing that does not restrict your range of motion. If you are coming in for attention to an extremity (elbow, wrist, knee, ankle, etc.), we recommend clothing that can easily expose the area of complaint.


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